Professional artificial eyelashes are applied one to one (one artificial to one natural), before starting the eyelash extension, we discuss the client's wishes, as some want their eyelashes to be very visible, others a little less. Lashes last about 3-5 weeks, depending on the stage of growth the eyelashes are in when they are extended. Eyelashes must be cleaned daily with a suitable cleanser and combed. Hygiene is very important, as this is the only way the eyelashes will be beautiful and more durable.

Eyelash extension procedure

- the client expresses wishes,

-clean the eyelashes with cleansing foam,

-protect the lower eyelashes,

-apply the degreaser to the eyelashes,

-we slowly start gluing the eyelashes to yours

- after the treatment, we advise you on further care at home.

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