FACIALS Ljubljana center

Facials are recommended for all skin types and all ages. With regular skin care we will maintain healthy and young skin.

Facial treatments

- Superficial skin cleaning

- Peeling

- Skin heating and removing all impurities

- Face, neck and cleavage massage

- Application of face mask

Consulting is included in all facials

Extras at Facials

- Eyebrow shaping

- Eyebrow colouring

- Mustache waxing

- Beard waxing

Facials are adjusted for your skin type

Facials offered at Gold spa

- Rejuvenating facial

- Hand face lifting

- Natural facial (for sensitive skin)

- Facials for teens

- Classic facial

Diamond peeling

or microdermabrasion is cosmetic device used for gradually peeling off the epidermis. It helps with micro circulation and skin restoration. Diamond peeling is effective at removing wrinkles, stretch marks and scars. After treatment your skin will be soft and smooth. We recommend doing multiple therapies, depending on skin types and costumers wishes. We recommend 6-8 therapies every 7-10 days.

Natural face lifting

is 100% natural method for stimulating muscles. It is done exclusively by hand. Your face will look fresh and shinning after natural face lifting. We stimulate and press acupuncture points to strengthen face muscles, making your wrinkles smaller.

Gift vouchers for facials

Gift voucher for facial is perfect gift for every woman who wishes to look young and beautiful. Gift vouchers can be ordered under the tab "gift vouchers"

For free consultation feel free to call us on +386 70 145 477 or visit us in one of our salons in Ljubljana city center

Nega obraza ljubljana center

Nega obraza Ljubljana center
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