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Neat and healthy feet are extremely important, which is why more and more people go for regular pedicures. In addition to pedicures, most women treat themselves to painting their nails with permanent or classic nail polish. During a pedicure, your feet are first soaked in a herbal bath that relaxes and softens the skin. Then we thoroughly clean your nail canals, shorten your nails to the desired length and shape them. We remove hard skin, calluses, corns and ragades (cracks on the feet). This is followed by nail polish to further emphasize the beauty of your feet. We finish the pedicure with a massage of your feet with Callusan foam, which absorbs extremely quickly and leaves no greasy residue.

At Gold Spa, we also offer pedicures for diabetics.

There are many beauty salons in Ljubljana that offer pedicures. In our salon in the center of Ljubljana, we offer varnishing with the brand O.P.I and CND Shellac, which is not so common.

What is CND Shellac?

Shellac je priznan permanentni lak, ki pa je kombinacija gela in laka v enem. Zagotavlja obstojnost 14 dni ali več, odstrani pa se izjemno enostavno – že v 10 minutah in to brez brušenja nohta.

Why is CND Shellac so good?

When varnishing with Shellac, it is not necessary to mattify or polish the surface of the nail, as it binds to the fat of the nail. When removing Shellac, just wrap it in foil containing cotton wool soaked in acetone. Wait 10 minutes and the varnish will melt completely. When removing the nail, it is not necessary to file, as with other brands, so the nail is not damaged. Shellac can be used without a break and your nails will be as before application or even healthier, as the varnish protects them from external influences. In our salon, we have over 100 colors and other combinations available, and we will be happy to advise you on which color would be the most suitable for you.

O.P.I. classic varnish

If you decide to have a pedicure with classic varnishing, O.P.I. is available in our beauty salon. varnishes, which are known as one of the most durable. Your nails will be trimmed and painted with your favorite color.

Ibx nail treatment

If you have damaged nails due to various factors, we recommend IBX. It works inside the nail, unlike other products that only work on the surface. It intensively stimulates the healing of the nail so that the nails become harder and longer from the inside out. Ibx is for professional use only, so the product is effective as it is performed by trained workers.


– piling stopal
– čiščenje obnohtnih kanalov,
– striženje in oblikovanje nohtov,
– oblikovanje obnohtne kožice,
– odstranjevanje trde kože,
– odstranjevanje kurjih očes/otiščancev,
– parafinska kopel,
– masaža stopal

Gift vouchers for pedicure

Darilni bon za pedikuro je lahko odlično darilo za prav vsako žensko, ki bi rada imela urejena stopala in nohte.

Vouchers can be ordered under the tab "gift vouchers"

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Pedikura Ljubljana center

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